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GSoC @ BeagleBoard.org#

Work on awesome open source projects this summer with BeagleBoard.org!

What is Google Summer of Code?

Spend your summer break writing code and learning about open source development while earning money! Accepted students work with a mentor and become a part of the open source community. Many become lifetime open source developers! The 2024 student application window will be open from March 18th 2024 to April 2nd 2024! But don’t wait for then to engage! Come to our Discord and Forum to share ideas today.


Google Summer of Code is open to individuals age 18 and older in most countries who are new or beginner contributors to open source coding projects. Read more on the GSoC site Rules page and the FAQ page.

Open Source Development

Experience working on impactful open source project which will be used by thousands of people around the world!

Free Hardware

Recieve BeagleBoard.org open source single board computer, debugging tools, and other required hardware for free!

Handsome Stipend

Earn while making impactful contributions to the open source community, Stipend can be upto $6600 based on your country.

BeagleBoard.org background

BeagleBoard.org is a volunteer organization that seeks to advance the state of open-source software on open-source hardware platforms capable of running high-level languages and operating systems (like Linux and Zephyr) in embedded environments. Born from taking mobile phone processors and putting them on low-cost boards to build affordable desktop computers, BeagleBoard.org has evolved to focus on the needs of the “maker” community with greater focus on the I/O needed for controlling motors and reading sensors to build things like robots, 3d printers, flying drones, in-car computer systems and much more. BeagleBoard has inspired creation of the Raspberry Pi, built over 6 million computers and made PocketBeagle available world-wide for about $25, but is more than a throw-away computer. It is an instance of true open hardware, exposing users to the broader world of electronics, demystifying computers and fostering an environment of clones that have changed the industry for good.

Learn more at https://www.beagleboard.org/about.

Some inspirational past projects

Get inspiration from some Past Projects.


Students will be expected to execute a series of prerequisites to demonstrate and expand familiarity with embedded systems development. Don’t worry, the live chat channel has over 1,000 active members to travel with you on your journey.

Some other amazing places to find Beagles

Beagles have been to the depths of space and the oceans, as well as made cheeseburgers. Check the below projects made by incredible professional innovators for some inspiration.

Europa Rover Prototype

Cheeseburger Robot

Explore some specific project ideas for this year!

Now you are ready to explore this year’s Ideas.